Abiola was born in Nigeria and speaks Yoruba and excels in English as well. Known as ‘Abbey’ to her co-workers, she lists her hobbies as singing, dancing, reading and meeting people. Best described as someone who is full of life and positive energy, she is friendly and makes everyone she encounters feel comfortable with her immediately. Abbey has been employed by Daughter On Call for almost 2 years and enjoys working with the elderly because it defines who she is as a person. She holds a university degree in linguistics and in the future, she would love to travel to Dubai. Abbey is a strong elder advocate and always puts her clients’ needs first.


When my dad fell and broke his hip we were devastated! All of us kids live outside the province and with busy work and family schedules, we were unable to help him with his recovery. I heard about Daughter On Call from a lady at Services For Seniors in Brandon. I contact the owner, Gail, and she not only went to visit our dad, but also provided him with services such as meals, helping with medications, housekeeping, transportation and help with his showers. Now when I call him, he is so happy and positive and talks about the staff of Daughter On Call just like they are family. And family is what they have become! Such a wonderful business to help families in their times of need.

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