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Lucky If We Get To Be Old
Lucky If We Get To Be Old

“I have a confession to make,” Bill Thomas announced at a conference on aging in Oregon. “I am an old man”. “No, you’re not!” an audience member called out. It was meant no doubt, as a compliment: Despite his gray-streaked beard and crow’s feet, the 56 year old geriatrician...


When my dad fell and broke his hip we were devastated! All of us kids live outside the province and with busy work and family schedules, we were unable to help him with his recovery. I heard about Daughter On Call from a lady at Services For Seniors in Brandon. I contact the owner, Gail, and she not only went to visit our dad, but also provided him with services such as meals, helping with medications, housekeeping, transportation and help with his showers. Now when I call him, he is so happy and positive and talks about the staff of Daughter On Call just like they are family. And family is what they have become! Such a wonderful business to help families in their times of need.

Emily, David, Mary & Amy | Sask, AB, Nova Scotia & Florida